Friday, December 30, 2011


Whew! This week has been a whirlwind of fun! For the next few posts it will be mostly pics to get caught up. Got a lot ready and waiting so hold on for the ride!

Christmas Eve is such a magical time for our family. All advent season we read a devotional that has really been the most loved time of the Christmas season. If you haven't started Jotham's Journey or any of the other books, I highly recommend them!

Anyway, back to Christmas Eve! We ended up putting up our stockings the day of as we didn't want Jake hanging from them. Low and behold, he really could have cared less! He was more interested in hauling around his best friends, the trio of snowmen! A sweet friend's Aunt who was very dear to me made these years ago. I love that Jake enjoys them so!

Poor kid was naked since he was about to open the first Christmas present!

Can't go wrong with a little "Choo Choo!"

The kids were so excited about their jammies! Jake was telling Kylie all about his.


Getting the reindeer food out!

It is so funny each year because my kids don't believe in Santa at all. They know about the historical figure of St. Nick and all of the wonderful things he did when he was alive but when Christmas Eve rolls around, traditions abound!

Putting out Santa's cookie and the reindeer's treat!

Testing out the milk!

Off to bed but this is what they were greeted with the next morning. Totally overwhelmed Kylie!

Luke finally got up and was pleased as well.

First things first. A little Stocking action!

Then sibling presents. Kylie was kind this year!

Jake liked Lukes gift!


Kylie's gift from Gambi.

She even has special glasses to match Kylie's!

Gambi's gift to Luke... Or is it Jakes?

He totally "got" the whole opening gift thing.

Love the excitement over fun toys!

But after all things were said and done, my heart melted to see the joy in the gift of siblings. All the toys in the world couldn't replace the fun and joy they have in eachother.  They would all show such joy in each gift given to eachother. To watch all the kids huddled around Elmo and talking to Jake in Elmos voice made me so happy!

Yes, the gift of my family is wonderful. I could get all mushy to let you know what family means to me, blah blah blah... but I think if you know me, that is a given so I will save you my ramblings for some other time. So I will show you what made my Christmas! Oh yeah! My own jar of Nutella! Yum!

I will leave you with that yummy craving... I am off to make something Nutella'y... 

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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