Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Jake!

Funny how a year changes things... This is my sweet Jakers on his First Birthday. Notice that brown chocolate hair? That soon was buzzed to reveal bright blonde hair underneath. 

While we have no idea how that ever happened, we are used to his blonde hair and the spunk it gives him. 

Usually most people chill and relax after Christmas but for us, the party continues! We are so blessed to celebrate Jake and all he adds to this family. It was unanimous that Jakes birthday dinner would be spaghetti and meatballs as it is definitely his favorite. If anyone has been around this boy for oh, more than a minute, you know that when he likes something he starts yelling its name. So one day he wanted more meatballs in his dish and started yelling MEATBALLS!!! He can be a bit demanding... So I made sure his bowl was full and we had a nice quiet dinner.

Note to self: Never make blue icing again. I swear we all looked like Smurfs after eating these!

And then, note to all gift givers: Please pool your money together and purchase Photoshop for me because clearly I was the only one looking at the camera. And why was I the only one with a silly hat? Oh yeah, the other kids were smart enough not to be wearing them during any photo...

Finally I am paying attention to the boy with the flame thrower..

Ok, Jon did alright...

Attempting to get the birthday boy to look joyous. He had just woken up from his nap (yes, it was uber late to be waking up but that is how he rolls).

Can we take this picture please?



Now on to the presents. Thankful we had just trained Jake to open presents at Christmas, he didn't have any problem diving into these. Have I mentioned he is obsessed with Thomas? Well, this boy is in heaven. 

At any given time during the day I can hear the words Choo Choo coming from any given room he is in. Never have we had kids who were so attached to a theme!

He knew just what to do!

More Thomas!

Giving sweet hugs to Gambi - or Meemee as he likes to call her.

Off to go play again...

But wait, that isn't all! A new (to him) train table in his room! Whoah!!!

Um, should we buy some Thomas things for Kylie and Luke? They seemed to hog the table while Jon was putting together the track. Funny kids!

To cap off the evening, Jake slept peacefully in his big boy bed. Bittersweet for sure as our boy is growing but thankful to get the crib out of his room!

Jacob Lance, we are all so happy you have joined our family. Every day you give us so many smiles and reasons to laugh. Happy Birthday!

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