Friday, January 13, 2012

A Little Game of Catch Up!

Ever since I was in college and had a car of my own, I have wrangled some friends together and set off north in search for snow. Most of the time we would have about 30 minutes to pack, grab some semi warm things (not that much as we lived in Georgia at the time) and head off with no planning. The most we would do is a quick check with the Weather Channel, grab a bunch of tapes (no CDs back in the day) and go. 

My sweet husband shakes his head every winter about this time as he knows what is on it's way... When I heard that snow was just an hour and a half away, he figured he might as well get the road trip over with and be a part of it as well! How he spoke my love language when he said, LOAD UP! A quick run around the house to grab some quick kid snacks, a peek at and off we went. 

It was totally sunny the whole way there and I was getting nervous that we wouldn't get any snow. I mean we traveled all the way there and no snow? But then we went over a hill and I saw this in the distance.

In about 10 minutes time we were in the thick of it and the flakes were coming down.

Had to roll down the window so Jake could enjoy the snow. Brrrr!

I had Googled sledding spots near Boone and up popped a free slope right near Boone at Beech Mountain. It was in front of the Town Hall and had an area with restrooms and heat to warm up in between sledding.

It wasn't too big of a hill but it served its purpose of cold, snow and fast thrills! We were happy!

Up we went...

Ready to go down!

Jake was fearless!

I couldn't let Jon have all the fun.

We took a break but Jake wasn't too agreeable on that. He tried to go up the hill with his own saucer. 

Luke was a sledding pro.

Taking a break for a quick snow angel.

Look, another Snow Angel!

Then on our way back we happened upon this nice little house for sale. Turns out it is quite a bit of acreage with 3 nice quaint ponds. 

In other news, Jake has taken to sleeping on the bottom bunk quite nicely. He loves his "vroommm vroommmm" sheets that was once Luke's and thinks it is pretty cool that his brother sleeps up above him. 

Nothing better than a sweet sleeping toddler.

Notice his cheeks are all red. They have been blotchy for weeks now. Two appointments with a Doctor in the local practice said it might be eczema and while I have been putting cremes on it, it hasn't gone away. On his 2 year well visit, my regular PA said it might be a food allergy so we are going to go to a Dermatologist in a few weeks. I can't wait to get Jake's pretty baby skin back!

Well, that is a quick rundown of what has been going on around here. School, laundry, cooking and spending time with friends is what makes our days. Wouldn't mind if we could have a snow day at home soon but are content with our wild road trip. Love the changes in seasons!

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