Friday, March 30, 2012

Quick glimpse in our home life!

Lot of folks know that we have an old school TV down stairs. Ya know, the big bulky kind that sits in a big bookcase? Well we love it and sometimes feel that if we were to get a new TV it would sort of be like the book "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie." So when we get a new TV, then we would need a new media center, which would lead to needing a new couch and well, you get the picture. So last week all the kids were playing outside but Kylie and Luke needed to come inside to do a quick clean, all the other kids said "we will help clean up!" So help they did. So after the whirlwind of activity and the living room was cleared out, I found this. Someone had placed Jake's small Fischer Price TV on our mantle. Thought it was pretty funny that we had a new flat screen for our living room!

In other news, we have been loving this weather. Every chance we have had, you can find us outside. Time with friends is what we have come to know and love about our street since it is so much fun having kids our kids ages to play with. Luke and Andrew have had a blast with Mario. Andrew has all of the dress up gear so every afternoon you can usually find a group of kids acting out the Mario video game. Kylie is the master mustache maker which the boys thought was super cool.

Crazy boys!

Kylie and Hayley hanging out as usual.

The other day the kids were scrounging around in the garage and found this waterballoon contraption. The orange ball in the middle holds water balloons and the kids move it back and forth. If they fail to keep it moving back and forth, it can fly right at you and bust. 

Hayley had fun trying to get Kylie. 

Kylie and Jon took on Brian and Andrew...

Looks like Brian and Andrew got a little wet!

After awhile, it turned into this. Kylie has a bit of an arm so Luke was a good target. 

Luke tried and he tried but he couldn't get one balloon to burst on Kylie! Our new joke is that she was made of rubber.

Jake even gave it a shot but it was a no go. Kylie was too quick!

Enjoying these warm spring days while we can. Happy Spring!

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