Monday, April 9, 2012

Out and About...

Playing catch-up over in these parts. I have tons of photos to go through but these were from a fun jaunt to the Bicentennial Gardens here in Greensboro. Jon was able to join us during the last hour or so we were there! Double bonus!

We are loving the cooler temps in the morning then the sunny afternoons that call for quick squirt gun parties and sidewalk chalk. This afternoon called for a quick hike to see flowers in bloom and what better place to do it than the gardens. 

The kids enjoyed getting out and running free. Of course, entertained by the antics of Jake. He is such a blessing to all of us and he provides us with so many extra laughs each day. 

In Jake's two short years, this thing I know. He is the happiest when he is outside. Exploring and getting dirty are his favorites. He keeps up with Kylie and Luke no problem and loves trying new things, much to the chagrin of his mother.

And like Kylie and Luke, shoes are always optional.

So many times people think that siblings will take away from the experiences of the other older children. I hope I can convey this with respect, but Jake has developed so many extra talents and character traits in both Luke and Kylie. It warms my heart to see the care and concern they *all* have for eachother. Yes, sometimes there are tifts, as always but overall a deep sense that it is not all about them. I am so thankful that they can grow in love for each other.

Well hello there sweet little flower!

Tromping in moss is not just for the barefooted toddler...

But my sweet girl can get dirty just like the rest of them...

And I have to stop this sweet garden moment for a quick little story. You know the care and concern about siblings? Well, see, I have a zoom lens so things in this picture are a lot closer than they actually were in reality. I was far away on a bridge with Luke when Kylie screamed (causing all sorts of bird craziness - we were in nature ya know.) I flew around and low and behold caught this quick stinker airborne over a puddle. Yep, too late. Splash.

 Laughs, more screams, some more laughs which were quickly stifled and then the stroller jail it was. 

Now after Jake was safely contained she was able to spend some time for herself. She loved this tree and little creek beside it.

Remember that story of the freaky goose here? Well we made a return visit. Kids a year older and wiser, less apt to act the fool right? Sure... 

I swear Jake is Dr. Doolittle. I have documented in pictures practically every animal he has ever met and he loves them all. Including the goose that wants to bite his finger off.

Thankfully Jake must have learned his lesson last year since he gently tossed the bread some people gave him. And he didn't try to jump down this time either. Whew!

Jon was able to join us as well. Any time with their Daddy is a good time!

We had a great time getting out, just in time too as a spring storm ran through the neighborhood. These clouds were so interesting to watch. Tornado warning to boot. Thankfully all was well and no tornado's to be seen. Glad we were able to get out some and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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