Thursday, August 9, 2012


Moving to a new area can be hard... Fear of the unknown can swallow you up if you are not careful. When we moved here over two years ago I could not have imagined the amount of love that I felt here. People in North Carolina are so welcoming and freakishly friendly so when we settled down at our church we were overwhelmed by the people we met there. Friendships started and flourished. One such friend was Shannon. Our girls really brought us together as they were stuck together from day one. I remember the first few playdates we went on the girls would join forces and fight against the boys with such furry. It was a game new to my girl but with her friend by her side, she caught on quick and gave the boys a run for their money!

Shannon and her family became more and more special to me and mine but then they got the news that they were to relocate for a job as well. They did what they had to do and packed up their little (well, not so little really - they have 5 awesome kids!) family and headed west... To say they are missed is an understatement. 

But this week they came back and it was as if they never left. The kids just picked up where they left off and had a great time together. 

Easy smiles all around...

I laughed so hard at their goofiness and it was so fun to hear them just being silly kids. And yes, Abby shares the love for carefree hair just like my girl. Soul sisters I tell ya!

That is until little brother chooses to crash the party. Love Abby's face with that!

You know what I love about all these kids? They love playing with everyone. Well, minus the photobomb above, but overall siblings include siblings and they just have a good time. All of them!

How I have missed sweet Clairbear! Her smile just lights up a room and I can't get over how much she has grown in a year. Talking up a storm and just as cute as ever. I almost stuffed her in my bag and took her home!

Ella didn't change a bit. Spunky as ever and carefree and giggly. Just how I like 'em!

That smile is to die for!

Abby has also grown and matured in many ways. She also lights up any room and has such a sweet spirit.

Sweet Henry is their newest addition but has grown so much since his newborn days. It was fun watching him walk all over the place and enjoy the chaos around him. Totally wore him out don'tcha think?

This is some of the crew who were able to love on the Smith's while they were here. These kids are bonded I tell ya! Jones and James were adorable to watch together too. Whoah... Jaxon has his arm around Kylie... Hmmmmm... Don't tell Abby.

Crazy kids!

Love these two!

And these two as well!

And their momma's along with a KatyAnn! ;-)

And I will put this picture up for Shannon even though I look like we had more to drink than just Diet Coke. Wahooo!

While we miss Shannon and her family everyday, we know that she is right where God wants her in Arizona.  So thankful for her and her friendship when we were new here. I am thankful that our hearts continue to be knitted together by our experiences and challenges and I know they will remain a part of our family for years to come! (Holly, your family is pretty darn special as well! ;) Love sister friends. 

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